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Serving to network of recyclers and recycling programs in Montana, our goal is to educate, promote and assist recycling in Big Sky country. Recycle Montana works to increase recycling in Montana through education and building coalitions between communities, schools and recyclers. We are pleased to have recently adopted the "Don't Waste Montana" campaign, which we are adapting to serve all of Montana!

Please give us a call at (406) 461 -9106 or contact us here with recycling inquires.

News & Announcements

Pollution Prevent Update by Sandra from MT D.E.Q.
February 17 @ 11:30-12:45 PM MST
Updates, Webinars, and More

Animal Mortality Composting
April 21 @ 11:30-12:45PM MST
This webinar discusses the various composting methods for bovine, swine, poultry and marine mammals.
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Statewide Guide Update!
We're updating our guide to recycling locations throughout the state and need YOUR help. Please fill out this form to let us know what recycling opportunities are in your area. 

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Good luck to RecycleMania Participants!
Montana State University and University of Montana are both competing in this year's RecycleMania Tournament. Read more about their waste minimization practices.

Educational Presentations 
Rob Pudner, our Recycling Educator, is hitting the road to speak with students about the value of recycling. To schedule a presentation, waste audit, or other assistance call us at 406.461.9106 or email rob@recyclemontana.org

The Montana Recycler Newsletter  
Our Winter 2015 issue is here! We also invite you to submit relevant content for future newsletters. Please email us at info@recyclemontana.org or call us at 406.461.9106

Competition Results
The Recycle Bowl Competition has ended and the results will be announced this month. We're crossing our fingers for the 7 schools from Montana.

Don't Waste Montana 
"Road to the Landfill" Lesson Plan

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