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Recycle Montana, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit with federal tax identification number 20-5566183. The mission of Recycle Montana is “to educate Montana citizens and businesses about waste reduction, offer statewide recycling resources, and provide support to community efforts.”




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Benefits of Membership
  • Provides the funding that allows us to maintain one employee, our Executive Director, who is responsible for the creation and maintenance of our media outlets, outreach, programs, administration, activities and grant writing. 
  • Provides the funding needed to maintain the social media required as the platform to share the "Where to Recycle List", statewide recycling news, offer educational services and expertise, and share statewide and national recycling news. 
  • Member Specific Benefits: we promote your business or organization on our website and Facebook page; enjoy networking opportunities with other members and voting privileges at the Annual Meeting.
  • Member Specific Benefits #1: the biggest satisfaction for members is knowing that their support helps us to create and promote our worthwhile activities and programs such as the Recycling Educational Trunk Program, Trash Dash, and Recycle Trailer Grant. 

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Membership Levels
  • $100 Supporter

  • $175 Waste Reducer

  • $250 Expert Recycler

  • $500 Environmental Steward

  • $_________ Master of the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Want more information? Please contact Executive Director, Candi Zion @ 406-899-6513 or

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The success of Recycle Montana is made possible through memberships like yours. Together we can help more Montana communities and businesses through recycling education and assistance.  To donate, please send payment to Recycle Montana, PO Box 122, Winifred, MT, 59489.  Thank you!