– America Recycles Day

November 15th is America Recycles Day — a nationally recognized day intended to promote community recycling efforts and help educate Americans about recycling. Now as far as days go, America Recycles Day may not have the gravitas of a Columbus day, or that unique blend of optimism coupled with despair that comes with a Valentine’s day, or even the anticipation of your average Friday. But what makes America Recycles Day special is its grassroots approach to empowering people and organizations who are passionate about recycling. And it’s this passion that dovetails perfectly with our organization: Recycle Montana.

Recycle Montana is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating Montanans about waste reduction and recycling. Our website alone provides a trove of information including lesson plans for teachers of all age groups, statewide recycling locations, technical guides on what and how to recycle, and up-to-date recyclable commodities pricing. It’s a great resource whether you’re a girl scout looking to earn your Go-Green badge or an entrepreneur researching the potential of a curbside recycling business.

In celebration of America Recycles Day, Recycle Montana is kicking off our newest education project: the development of mobile recycling trunks tailored to schools. These trunks will be packed full of recycling-themed stuff including activities, lesson plans, digital resources, as well as hands-on recycled materials and products. Our plan is to work with libraries and learning centers across the state so that these trunks can be accessed by any nearby school. We’re starting small, but our long-term goal is to make a recycling trunk available in every major city in Montana.  

So, on this America Recycles Day, please consider how you can help reduce waste in our beautiful state. And if you need some ideas, don’t hesitate to visit us at recyclemontana.org.

Benji Cosgrove

Administrative Clerk for Recycle Montana