– Baling Twine Recycling Program Needs Your Help!


In 2014, Yellowstone Valley Audubon Society (YVAS), dismayed at the amount of baling twine in Osprey nests and the death of several nestlings, authorized a subcommittee (The Baling Twine Committee) to institute a recycling program for used baling twine. The BTC is involved in addressing the safety, environmental      and welfare concerns regarding disposal of used twine.  We hope to create a recycling program for used twine that could be used as a model throughout the state.   


To date, we have found:

  • Many people who are buried in twine and don’t see an alternative to burning it.
  • Businesses who will donate collection spaces for small amounts of twine.
  • A company, I90 Reprocessing in Minnesota, who will drive to Montana at no charge to pick up the used twine. Fortunately, they will pay the collector for the twine.  Unfortunately, they require a full semi-trailer of compressed twine before they will send a truck.


  • A storage location and facility to store large quantities of twine while waiting for enough to fill a semi-trailer (48-53ft x 8ft x 8ft). This facility must be large enough to contain approximately 38,000 – 40,000 pounds of used twine (about 3100 cubic feet).

(YVAS is a registered non-profit organization willing to work out details of an in-kind donation for tax purposes with a business or property owner.)


  • Collaboration with other interested parties to implement a twine recycling program in or around Billings, or in other areas.  The Gallatin FFA Alumni as a group has initiated a twine collection program, coordinated and managed by Bruce Mazuranich.   Recycling of twine would be a phenomenal community service project for any FFA.  It could also bring in some money for the local FFA chapter.
  • YVAS would assist person or group, including the FFA in the Billings area or outlying areas get started while we continue to promote recycling with advertising, promote public awareness of the dangers of twine. 

Contact us for more information or if you can help

Lisa Bessasparis                 ospreyBTC@gmail.com or leave a message at (406) 698-9405

Deb Regele           debregele@gmail.com                   or leave message at (406) 962-3115

Doreen Hartman         radzlhman@bresnan.com     or leave message at (406) 697-0277

Mary Mullen                   mmullen459@gmail.com                                    or leave a message at (406) 697-3007

Jean Boone          jeanlboone@gmail.com

Bruce Mazuranich          (406) 539-1105)

Find out more about the Yellowstone Valley Audubon Society and Baling Twine Committee at http://www.yvaudubon.org