Market Report – Nov 2018

Dear Sage & WYCO Customers,


The cardboard markets held again in the SW Region in November with no change.  The PNW was up $5/ton month over month.  The increase was small but promising for things to come.  Exporters are buying #12 aggressively on a case by case basis.  If you think you can get your OCC to a #12 grade by adding a person or two to clean it up, the rewards can be substantial.  This may not long last however and quality is very strict – NO Trash and NO chipboard.


ONP and MP are still moving but in limited quantities.  Insulators are still hungry for clean, dry material however their tolerance for contamination and moisture is very tight.  Prices remain soft.


SOP dropped $5/ton in the SW and help in the PNW.  Demand remains strong.


PET continues to drop but demand is good for clean material.  HDPE Natural is still holding strong and HDPE Color both increased slightly over the last few weeks.  Overall plastic prices remain strong.  


LDPE Film has continued to fall in value as exporters have pulled back from the market.  It has become difficult to move any film grade even A grade. 


Aluminum Cans took a huge another hit this month.  Prices have fallen over 20 cents/lb since July. We recommending holding if possible.  Steel can prices remained flat in November.


Please let us know if you have any market specific questions or need pricing for your commodities.   Thank you for your business.