Recycling Pesticide Containers

Recently, I attended a MSU Extension Service training to obtain a license for the application and purchase of pesticides (weed killers) for the ranch.   The instructors didn’t mention what to do with the empty pesticide containers so I contacted the Montana Department of Agriculture about their Pesticide Container Recycling Program.

They haul portable shredding equipment, bags and transport trailer to storage sites all over the state from Libby to Broadus, Scobey to Dillon and several places between.  The #2 pesticide containers must be triple rinsed or power washed, label booklets, lids and liners removed and large containers cut into eight pieces to fit the shredder.  The 2.5 gallon jugs or smaller don’t need downsizing.  The shredded plastic is then recycled into non-consumer products like roadway speed bumps, landscape edging, and drain pipe.

Earth Day is only a few days away, and so is spring spraying of cropland, pastures and lawns.  Ranchers, farmers, and yard improvers can choose not to dump toxic plastic in burn pits or the landfills and repurpose pesticide containers into something useful.  If you don’t have a collection site near you, contact Carli Lofing at to learn more.

Candi Zion is President of Recycle Montana and ranches with her husband Jeff Solomon near Winifred.

Candi Zion

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