– Remember that Every Day is Earth Day

The recycling community is well aware that April 22 is Earth Day.

It’s a day when recycling businesses, organizations and savvy schools advertise their products and/or sponsor events to celebrate taking care of the earth, and hopefully, positively encourage others to do likewise.

It is a day that celebrates preserving a clean environment for the future. But, shouldn’t that be everyone’s responsibility, every day?

Most people would agree that Americans use a lot of resources and produce a lot of garbage. Take a look at the landfills if you think differently. In fact, the landfill in your area may not be outliving its intended lifespan. You may be paying precious dollars in taxes for the creation of a new landfill to meet the needs of an ever growing, ever garbage producing community.

That is why recycling at home, through your schools, or through your business or workplace is so important. It’s important because you end up paying the price to create a new landfill, and the earth pays the price by being garbaged.

You see it every day; plastic bags in the trees and on the fences, and aluminum cans and plastic bottles alongside the roads. Visit your local landfill and you will understand the enormity of the problem. Recycling is important because the horrendous amounts of resources used to make this stuff end up garbaged by an exponentially growing population.

The only one to stop this waste, or at least slow it down, is you. Start reusing. Start recycling.

Most areas have the recycling resources. Recycle Montana and the Department of Environmental Quality websites are great sources for the how, what and where of recycling in your area. Get involved. By recycling, the life of the landfill is extended, taxpayer dollars are saved, and the recyclable commodities go right back in the system of productivity and reuse.

Take action. Ask your work places, local schools and governments to start recycling programs. Be a part of change. Feel good doing it.

And, if you have any doubts about the importance of recycling, then take a look at your kids and grandkids. If we don’t start addressing this issue now, how will they learn?

Candi Zion is the president of Recycle Montana. She and her husband, Jeff Solomon, ranch outside of Winifred.