School Recycling

For Educators

The Road to the Landfill (PDF) lesson plans were originally developed by Lewis & Clark County for Don’t Waste Montana.
Road to the Landfill


A School’s Guide to Increasing Recycling (PDF) Tips for schools interested in starting or improving a campus recycling program.
School Guide


A Kid’s Guide to Recycling Glass and Plastic

This is a great resource for school recycling projects! It was brought to our attention by a troop of Montana Girl Scouts earning their Go-Green badges!


ISRI K-12 Curriculum

ISRI and Jason Learning have developed a school curriculum to help teachers and students understand both the importance of recycling and the recycling industry.  The campaign includes branded, standards-based, K-12 curricular experiences; interactive Web-based experiences to enhance student engagement; classroom posters featuring ISRI’s key educational messages; a leveraged national distribution network; strategies for school visits to ISRI facilities; age-appropriate lessons for grades K-4, 5-8, and 9-12; for each grade, a two to four page classroom lesson based on life cycle for each commodity; and much more.


Montana Smart Schools Challenge

The SMART Schools Challenge is divided into 3 sub-challenges – SMART Energy Challenge, SMART Green Schools Challenge, and SMART Recycling Challenge.