Recycling Education Trunks

We are dedicated to creating fun and informative educational recycling trunks for use by teachers and students across the state of Montana.  By offering the recycling trunks to schools, students will receive an opportunity to learn more about recycling, the importance of protecting our environment and how to start or enhance their current recycling efforts.  These trunks have been created to help teach people of all ages about recycling.  They can be used in a one-time lesson, ongoing lessons or used to let people sort through and learn on their own about recycling.  The trunks include a comprehensive guide to lesson planning, visual aids and several hands-on materials.

Check out a video tour of the trunks’ contents here!

Click here to see how the trunks are made and please let us know if you would be interested in learning more about recycling with the Education Trunk.

Recycle Montana is a non-profit organization seeking sponsors to help support recycling trunk costs to enable the placement of as many trunks as possible within Montana schools.  Our current goal is to permanently install 112 recycling trunks in the school systems of Montana cities, rural areas, and tribal reservations within the next five years. Teachers have already expressed their interest and excitement about using the recycling trunks to educate their students.  Recycle Montana continually receives positive feedback that confirms improved recycling education is imperative across the state.

Each sponsorship of $250 places one trunk in a local school or school of your choice labeled with your logo which will be prominently displayed on the trunk for everyone to see. Your sponsorship will be advertised and shared on Facebook, on our website, and through other media resources. Take a video tour of the trunks here. Please scroll to the bottom of this page if you’d like to sponsor a trunk!

A huge thanks to our current trunk sponsors!

North Central Montana Retired Educators Association
Trunk Recipient: Winifred

Grabofsky, Van Heel and Funderburk Accounting Firm
Trunk Recipient: Central Montana Organization of Home Schoolers

Joe Filipowicz of Steel Etc.
Trunk Recipients:  Mountain View, Meadowlark, Great Falls High, CM Russell High

Billings Junior Women’s Club Conservation Committee
Trunk Recipient: Billings School District #2

Salish Kootenai College Upward Bound

Southgate Mall Fountain Funds
Trunk Recipients: Franklin Schools, Montana Natural History Center, Lolo Elementary, Spirit At Play Preschool

Ardene and Dave Zion

Trunk Recipient: Big Fork School District

Busch Systems
Trunk Recipients: Desmet Elementary School,  Cayuse Prairie School

Montana Department of Environmental Quality for their office

Aiken County Public Works

Central Virginia Waste Management Authority

$10,000 American Beverage Foundation for a Healthy America and Montana Beverage Association Grant
Trunk Recipients: Lewistown School District, Browning Elementary School,
Townsend School District, Hot Springs School District, Linderman Education Center, Helena Pacific Steel & Recycling Center, Brorson Schools, Frenchtown Elementary School, Superior School District, Wibaux Elementary School, Elrod Elementary School, Lincoln Primary, Kinsey Elementary School, Scobey School District, Elliston School, Judith Gap School, Molt School, Yaak School, Custer Public Schools, Grass Range School, Ulm School District 85, West Side Elementary, Pleasant Valley School,
Dutton-Brady Elementary, Cooke City School, Roosevelt Middle School, St. Joseph Elementary and Middle School,
McLeod Elementary School, Chinook Public Schools, Helena-Lewis & Clark National Forest, Ennis K-12 Schools,
Forsyth High School, Shelby Public School District, Dixon Elementary School, Charlo School District, Smith Valley School,
Winnett K-12 School, Savage Public Schools, Reed Point Schools, Ayers Elementary, Fair-Mont-Egan Elementary, Central School, Kessler Elementary School, Jim Darcy School, Jefferson High School, Glasgow Public Schools, Fairhaven Colony,
Plains School District, Pacific Steel – Havre, Recycle Hi-Line – Havre Schools, Recycle Hi-Line – Havre Schools,
Deerfield Elementary School, Heart Butte Public Schools, Hell Gate Elementary School, Helena Middle School, West Glacier School, Ekalaka Public Schools, Broadwater School, Geraldine Public Schools, Zurich Elementary, Shields Valley Schools, Fortine Schools, Montana City School, Creston Elementary, Pryor Public Schools, Birney Elementary, Rocky Boy Public Schools,
Lone Rock Elementary, Florence-Carlton Elementary, Columbus High School, Ryegate Public Schools, Greenfield School

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