Trash Dash

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2021 2ND PLACE HEAVIEST RECYCLABLES!! Awesome job, Twin Bridges FFA 6-person team!!  they picked up 146# of paper, aluminum, plastic 1 and 2. Winner of a pizza from The Shack, Twin Bridges!

Recycle Montana Trash Dash
September 17th to September 24th, 202

The object of the Trash Dash?

Collect as much trash and recyclables as you can in honor of World/National Clean Up Day!  Pick one day or do it the whole week of September 17th to September 24th.  Go by foot, horseback, bike or motorized vehicle- pick up as much trash and recyclables as you can!  No limit to the number of days in that week!  The more the better!

What is recyclable?

Check the “Where to Recycle in Montana” section of the Recycle Montana (non-profit) website  It will give you locations of where to recycle in your area and what the recyclers take. 

Are there fees and entry deadline?

No fees. We do encourage donations. Enter ASAP on, we need time to mail your iron-on logos. You can find the link on our Facebook page!  Enter the Trash Dash  in teams. The bigger the team the better.  No limit to team size!

What do I get for entering?

The team will be mailed iron-on transfers for t-shirts (or make a flag!) with our Trash Dash logo. The team gets a chance at winning cash prizes, bragging rights and recognition in your local paper and on Recycle Montana’s FB pages and on the website, and the satisfaction of making your part of Montana a cleaner place! 

I provide the t-shirts?   

Yep!  Reuse your old t-shirts, create a “t-shirt” out of old t-shirts or recycled or recyclable materials, make a flag out of used material or buy Recycle Montana t-shirts made from recycled materials!

Are there safety procedures?

Wear PPE where needed and wear rubber reusable gloves.  Contact us if you need PPE. Do not pick up needles or syringes.  If you find a Meth site, leave it and call 911 immediately!

Then what happens?

It’s an honor system- take pictures of yourself and/or team collecting trash and recyclables so we can see the Trash Dash logos. Weigh your trash and recyclables separately and send us the results on Facebook or by email! Use a bathroom scale, use a livestock scale, use a drive on scale; whatever is easy!

Prizes to winners for:

*The heaviest weight of trash collected

*The heaviest weight of recyclables collected

*Most creative photo with the Trash Dash logo

*Most unusual garbage or recyclable


Coca Cola!!! Our 2022 Trash Dash Cash Sponsor!!!