Welcome to Recycle Montana!

The purpose of this Corporation shall be to advise, educate and support individuals, businesses, educators, nonprofits and government in Montana on waste reduction opportunities that will increase recycling. The Corporation will be the voice of recycling and ongoing resource for the Montana recycling community by supporting those interested in learning more about recycling, increasing their efforts or starting new programs

Thank you for Voting for Recycle Montana, State Farm Neighborhood Assist Finalist!

We will know the results in June!!

Recycle Montana is a State Farm Neighborhood Assist® Top 200 Finalist!

Recycle Montana needs your help by voting for them to receive a $25,000 grant from State Farm® to purchase a recycling trailer that can be taken or loaned to rural Montana communities for recycling events. Starting April 26 at 10:00 pm, U.S. residents who are 18 and older with a valid email address can vote for Recycle Montana at https://tinyurl.com/35wd6fz7

State Farm Neighborhood Assist is a crowd-sourced philanthropic initiative that empowers communities to identify issues in their neighborhoods. The State Farm Review Committee selected the non-profit Recycle Montana as one of the top 200 finalists from 4,000 submissions. Only two submissions from Montana made the top cut.

Candi Zion, Executive Director states, “Most of rural Montana communities have an unmet need to recycle because they lack the ability to collect and transport recyclables to the bigger Montana city recycling companies. Materials in rural MT that could otherwise be recycled instead end up in farm and ranch dumps or are burned, causing detrimental effects to air quality.”

Ty Cordova of State Farm shared that, “The number one reason organizations don’t win is because their voters start dwindling off as the voting period goes on. A sustained voting block for the entire 10 days is essential to have a shot at winning.”

Recycle Montana has until May 6 at 9:59 am to rally votes. Anyone voting is allowed up to 10 votes per day. On June 7, the top 100 vote-receiving causes will be announced at www.neighborhoodassist.com and a $25,000 grant will be awarded to each of the affiliated nonprofits.

Our Beloved Members!

Our members include government and community leaders, businesses and recycling enthusiasts. We are extremely grateful for our members, without whom we could not carry out our mission. An extra special thank you is extended to the continued membership of:

The Master of the Three Rs:  Steel Etc; Pacific Steel and Recycling- Great Falls

Environmental Stewards:   Pacific Steel & Recycling- Helena; Lewis and Clark County; Montana Department of Environmental Quality; Yellowstone E-Waste Solutions; Waste Connections; Montana Beverage Association; Republic Services

Expert Recyclers:   Sage Recycling; Jet Waste Solutions; Grabofsky, Van Heel and Funderburk, CPAs

Supporters:   Recycle Hi-Line; Jefferson County Solid Waste; Tri County Disposal; Lake County Solid Waste;  Fish Window Cleaning; Coastal Wire Company, Inc, Green Technology Solutions; Helena Recycling 

Friend:   Candi Zion

Thank you for your generosity! We’d love to have YOU join our loyal members. Click here for more information.

Please give us a call at (406) 899-6513 or contact us with recycling inquires.

Congratulations to our 2021 Recycler of the Year, Yellowstone River Research Center, Rocky Mountain College! See more here.

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We’re pleased to announce the winner of the Lifetime Recycling Award, Dusti Johnson! Read more here.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Montanans Think Before You Throw

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