Where to Recycle in Montana

Please see below for information on where you can recycle certain commodities in Montana. Clicking on the name of the recycler will take you to their website if they have one. As this information changes often, it’s a good idea to contact the recycler to ensure your items will be accepted before loading them up and making the trip. Plastic numbers 1 and 2 are the most common, but some recyclers take other numbers too – please call to check.

Baling Twine can now be recycled in Yellowstone County! Call 406.591.8608 or email yvas.twine.recycle@gmail.com for dates and times!

Republic Services offers recycling at several Montana locations. Albertson’s accepts plastic bags at the following locations: Bozeman, Glasgow, Glendive, Great Falls, Kalispell, Livingston, Miles City and Missoula.

You can also download this spreadsheet with the same information if you’d like the ability to sort by town, county or commodity.

TownRecyclerBatteriesMetalCardboardPaperGlassPlastic #1 & #2*Plastic Bags / Film / WrapCFLs & TubesWood & Lawn Waste / Kitchen CompostCooking OilElectronicsAutomotive Fluids & Waste WaterTiresVehiclesOther
Amsterdam / ChurchillGallatin Solid Waste Management District MetalCardboardPaper Plastic #1 & #2*         
AnacondaAnaconda Deer Lodge Landfill Metal        Electronics Tires  
AnacondaDeer Lodge County             Vehicles 
AugustaAugusta SW Management District MetalCardboardPaperGlassPlastic #1 & #2*  Wood & Lawn Waste Electronics    
BakerBaker Metal & Recycling Metal            Appliances
BakerFallon County             Vehicles 
BasinJefferson County Solid WasteBatteriesMetal      Wood & Lawn Waste  Automotive Fluids   
BelgradeGallatin Solid Waste Management District MetalCardboardPaper Plastic #1 & #2*         
BelgradeHappy Trash Can        Kitchen Compost      
BelgradeTrue ValueBatteries              
Big ForkFlathead County Solid Waste District AlumCardboardPaper Plastic #1 & #2*       Vehicles 
Big SkyGallatin Solid Waste Management District MetalCardboardPaper Plastic #1 & #2*         
Big TimberCity of Big TimberBatteriesMetalCardboardPaper Plastic #1 & #2  Wood & Lawn Waste      
Big TimberSweet Grass County             Vehicles 
BillingsBatteries Plus BulbsBatteries      CFLs & Tubes       
BillingsBest Buy          Electronics    
BillingsBillings Regional Landfill AlumCardboardPaper    Wood & Lawn Waste ElectronicsAutomotive Fluids   
BillingsCollective Recyclers          Electronics   Clothing / Textiles
BillingsEarth First Aid    Bayern Brewing Ecopacks          
BillingsEarth First Aid Curbside Recycling, Inc.BatteriesMetalCardboardPaperGlassPlastic #1 & #2*   Cooking OilElectronicsAutomotive Fluids   
BillingsEmerald Services           Automotive Fluids & Waste Water   
BillingsGreen Technology SolutionsBatteries         Electronics    
BillingsHome DepotBatteries      CFLs       
BillingsLowesBatteries      CFLS       
BillingsPacific Steel and RecyclingBatteriesMetalCardboardPaper       Automotive Fluids   
BillingsSnitzer Steel Metal             
BillingsYellowstone County             Vehicles 
BillingsYellowstone E-Waste Solutions Inc.Batteries         Electronics    
BoulderJefferson County             Vehicles 
BoulderJefferson County Solid WasteBatteriesMetalCardboardPaper    Wood & Lawn Waste  Automotive Fluids   
BozemanBatteries Plus BulbsBatteries      CFLs & Tubes       
BozemanGallatin County             Vehicles 
BozemanGallatin Solid Waste Management District MetalCardboardPaper Plastic #1 & #2*         
BozemanGallatin Solid Waste Management District MetalCardboardPaper Plastic #1 & #2*         
BozemanGone Green Curbside Recycling MetalCardboardPaperGlassPlastic #1 & #2*         
BozemanHappy Trash Can        Kitchen Compost      
BozemanHome DepotBatteries              
BozemanInterstate All BatteriesBatteries              
BozemanJ and K Recyclers MetalCardboardPaperGlassPlastic #1 & #2*         
BozemanLowesBatteries      CFLS       
BozemanPacific Steel and Recycling BatteriesMetalCardboardPaper      Electronics    
BozemanRadio ShackBatteries              
BozemanStaplesBatteries         Electronics    
BozemanWe Recycle MontanaBatteriesMetalCardboardPaperBayern Brewing EcopacksPlastic #1 & #2*   Cooking Oil     
BridgerCarbon County             Vehicles 
BroadusBroadus IGA  Cardboard            
BroadusBroadus Recycling CenterBatteriesMetalCardboardPaper Plastic #1 & #2*         
BroadusPowder River             Vehicles 
BroadusPowder River County Extension OfficeBatteries      CFLs  Cell Phones   Ink Jet Cartridges
ButteButte Silver Bow LandfillBatteriesMetalCardboardPaper       Automotive Fluids   
ButteH & H Trading Metal             
ButtePacific Steel and Recycling BatteriesMetalCardboardPaper      Electronics    
ButteSilver Bow             Vehicles 
ButteStaples          Electronics    
ChinookBlaine County             Vehicles 
ChoteauChoteau, City of  Cardboard            
ChoteauTeton County             Vehicles 
CircleMcCone County             Vehicles 
ClancyJefferson County Solid WasteBatteriesMetalCardboard        Automotive Fluids   
ColstripRosebud County             Vehicles 
ColstripRosebud County Landfill       CFLs & TubesWood & Lawn Waste   Tires  
Columbia FallsFlathead County Solid Waste District AlumCardboardPaper         Vehicles 
Columbia FallsFlathead Recon    Glass          
ColumbusStill Water County             Vehicles 
ColumbusStillwater County Transfer Station MetalCardboardPaper       Automotive Fluids   
ConradNorthern Montana Joint Refuse Disposal District  Cardboard     Wood & Lawn Waste  Automotive Fluids   
ConradPondera County             Vehicles 
ConradPondera County Extension OfficeBatteries              
ConradPondera County Recycling Coalition MetalCardboardPaper           
CrestonFlathead County Solid Waste District AlumCardboardPaper         Vehicles 
Cut BankGlacier County             Vehicles 
Cut BankM & M Iron & Recycling Metal             
DillonBeaverhead County             Vehicles 
DillonBeaverhead Recycling MetalCardboardPaper           
DrummondGranite County Solid Waste  MetalCardboardPaper    Wood & Lawn Waste      
EkalakaCarter County             Vehicles 
EnnisMadison County MetalCardboardPaper Plastic #1 & #2         
EurekaEureka LandfillBatteriesMetal      Wood & Lawn Waste  Automotive Fluids   
EurekaLincoln County Solid Waste & RecyclingBatteriesMetalCardboardPaper    Wood & Lawn Waste ElectronicsAutomotive FluidsTires Appliances
ForsythRosebud County             Vehicles 
Fort BentonChouteau County             Vehicles 
Fort BentonFort Benton Recycles MetalCardboardPaper      Electronics    
Gallatin GatewayGallatin Solid Waste Management District MetalCardboardPaper Plastic #1 & #2*         
Glacier National ParkGlacier National ParkBatteriesMetalCardboardPaper   CFLs  Electronics Tires Print Cartridges
GlasgowGlasgow Montana Recycling Metal        Electronics    
GlasgowValley County             Vehicles 
GlendiveBorder Steel & RecyclingBatteriesMetal           Vehicles 
GlendiveBuckhorn Energy Services           Automotive Fluids   
GlendiveDawson County             Vehicles 
GlendiveGROW  Cardboard  Plastic #1 & #2*         
GlendiveTerry Landfill        Wood & Lawn Waste      
Great FallsAuto Zone           Automotive Fluids   
Great FallsBatteries PlusBatteries      CFLs & Tubes       
Great FallsCity of Great Falls Sanitation  Cardboard            
Great FallsEmerald Services           Automotive Fluids & Waste Water   
Great FallsHigh Plains Landfill MetalCardboardPaper    Wood & Lawn Waste      
Great FallsHome DepotBatteries      CFLs       
Great FallsMontana Sand & Gravel        Wood & Lawn Waste      
Great FallsMontana Waste Systems MetalCardboardPaper           
Great FallsPacific Steel and RecyclingBatteriesMetalCardboardPaper      Electronics    
Great FallsPronto Auto Parts           Automotive Fluids   
Great FallsStaples          Electronics    
Great FallsSteel Etc.BatteriesMetalCardboardPaper         Vehicles 
Great FallsTarget      Plastic Bags       Ink Cartridges
Great FallsUnited Materials        Wood & Lawn Waste      
HamiltonRavalli County             Vehicles 
HamiltonRavalli County RecyclingBatteriesMetalCardboardPaperBayern Brewing Ecopacks     Electronics    
HamiltonSafeway      Plastic Bags        
HardinBig Horn County             Vehicles 
HardinYCI Recycling & SalvageBatteriesMetal             
HarlowtonCentral Montana Health District             Vehicles 
HarlowtonCity of Harlowton Sanitation & Recycling Metal Paper Plastic #1 & #2*         
HavreHavre Day Activity Center MetalCardboard            
HavreHill County             Vehicles 
HavrePacific Steel and RecyclingBatteriesMetalCardboardPaper      Electronics  Vehicles 
HavreRecycle Hi-Line    GlassPlastic #1 & #2*Plastic Bags / Film / WrapCFLs & Tubes       
HelenaBatteries Plus BulbsBatteries      CFLs & Tubes       
HelenaCity of Helena RecyclingAuto BatteriesMetalCardboardPaperGlassPlastic #1 & #2*  Wood & Lawn Waste ElectronicsAutomotive FluidsTires  
HelenaHelena Recycling MetalCardboardPaperGlassPlastic #1 & #2*         
HelenaLewis & Clark             Vehicles 
HelenaLowesBatteries      CFLS       
HelenaOld Town Computers          Electronics    
HelenaPacific Steel and RecyclingBatteriesMetalCardboardPaper      Electronics    
HelenaStaples          Electronics    
HelenaEmerald Services           Automotive Fluids & Waste Water   
HelmvillePowell County             Vehicles 
HeronSanders County BatteriesMetalCardboard        Automotive Fluids   
Hot SpringsSanders County BatteriesMetalCardboard        Automotive Fluids   
Jefferson CityJefferson County Solid WasteBatteriesMetal         Automotive Fluids   
JordanCentral Montana Health District             Vehicles 
KalispellBatteries Plus BulbsBatteries      CFLs & Tubes       
KalispellBest Buy          Electronics    
KalispellEnviro-Tire Inc.               
KalispellFlathead County Solid Waste DistrictBatteriesMetalCardboardPaperGlass   Wood & Lawn WasteCooking OilElectronicsAutomotive Fluids Vehicles 
KalispellHome DepotBatteries      CFLs       
KalispellLowesBatteries      CFLS       
KalispellPacific Steel and RecyclingBatteriesMetalCardboardPaper      Electronics    
KalispellRasmussen Tire Site            Tires  
KalispellStaples          Electronics    
KalispellValley Recycling AlumCardboardPaper           
LakesideFlathead County Solid Waste District AlumCardboardPaper           
LewistownCentral Montana Health District             Vehicles 
LewistownFergus County Regional Transfer StationBatteriesMetalCardboardPaperGlassPlastic #1 & #2*  Wood & Lawn Waste ElectronicsAutomotive Fluids   
LewistownRecycle Our Waste Lewistown     Plastic #1 & #2*         
LewistownSnowy Mountain Industries MetalCardboardPaper           
LibbyLibby Landfill        Wood & Lawn Waste      
LibbyLincoln County              Vehicles 
LibbyLincoln County Solid Waste & RecyclingBatteriesMetalCardboardPaper    Wood & Lawn Waste ElectronicsAutomotive FluidsTires Appliances
LincolnLincoln Senior Citizens Center Metal PaperGlass          
LincolnLincoln Solid Waste DistrictBatteriesMetalCardboardPaperGlassPlastic #1-7  Wood & Lawn Waste      
LivingstonHappy Trash Can        Kitchen Compost      
LivingstonLivingston Transfer Station & Recycling MetalCardboardPaperGlassPlastic #1 & #2* CFLs & Tubes       
LivingstonPark County             Vehicles 
LoganGallatin Solid Waste Management DistrictBatteriesMetalCardboardPaper Plastic #1 & #2* CFLs & TubesWood & Lawn Waste ElectronicsAutomotive Fluids   
LonepineEnviro-Tire Inc.            Tires  
MaltaMalta Opportunities Metal             
MaltaPhillips County             Vehicles 
ManhattanGallatin Solid Waste Management District MetalCardboardPaper Plastic #1 & #2*         
Miles CityEastern Montana Industries MetalCardboardPaper Plastic #1 & #2*         
Miles CityPacific Steel and RecyclingBatteriesMetalCardboardPaper      Electronics    
MissoulaBatteries Plus BulbsBatteries      CFLs & Tubes       
MissoulaBayern Brewing Inc    Bayern Brewing Ecopacks          
MissoulaBest Buy          Electronics    
MissoulaEmerald Services           Automotive Fluids & Waste Water   
MissoulaGarden City Recycling MetalCardboardPaperGlass (Bayern Eco Pacs)Plastic #1 & #2*         
MissoulaHome DepotBatteries      CFLs       
MissoulaJC Penney      Plastic Bags        
MissoulaLowesBatteries     Plastic BagsCFLS       
MissoulaMissoula Compost Collection LLC        Wood & Lawn Waste + Kitchen Compost      
MissoulaMissoula County             Vehicles 
MissoulaMissoula Fresh Market      Plastic Bags        
MissoulaPacific Steel and RecyclingBatteriesMetalCardboardPaper      Electronics    
MissoulaRecycling Works    Glass   Wood & Lawn Waste + Kitchen Compost      
MissoulaStaples          Electronics    
MissoulaTarget      Plastic Bags        
MissoulaWal-Mart Supercenter      Plastic Bags        
MissoulaAxmen RecyclingBatteriesMetal         Automotive Fluids   
MissoulaP.E.T.E.S., Inc.       Tubes  Electronics    
Montana CityJefferson County Solid WasteBatteriesMetalCardboardPaper       Automotive Fluids   
NoxonSanders County BatteriesMetalCardboard        Automotive Fluids   
PabloLake CountyBatteriesMetalCardboardPaper Plastic #1 & #2*  Wood & Lawn Waste *Spring DriveAutomotive FluidsTires Appliances
PhilipsburgGranite County             Vehicles 
PhillipsburgGranite County Solid Waste  MetalCardboardPaper           
PlainsSanders County BatteriesMetalCardboard        Automotive Fluids   
PlentywoodBorder Steel & RecyclingBatteriesMetal           Vehicles 
PlentywoodGlenwood Inc. Metal Paper          Clothing / Textiles
PlentywoodSheridan County             Vehicles 
PolsonLake CountyBatteriesMetalCardboardPaper Plastic #1 & #2*  Wood & Lawn Waste *Spring DriveAutomotive FluidsTires Appliances
PolsonSafeway      Plastic Bags        
PolsonSuper 1      Plastic Bags        
PolsonTire Depot            Tires  
PolsonWal-Mart       Plastic Bags        
Red LodgeRecycle Red Lodge MetalCardboardPaperGlassPlastic #1 & #2*    Electronics   
Household Compost
RonanHarvest Foods      Plastic Bags        
RonanLake CountyBatteriesMetalCardboardPaper Plastic #1 & #2*  Wood & Lawn Waste *Spring DriveAutomotive FluidsTires Appliances
RoundupCentral Montana Health District             Vehicles 
RoundupMusselshell County Refuse District MetalCardboardPaper Plastic #1-7  Wood & Lawn Waste      
RyegateCentral Montana Health District             Vehicles 
ScobeyDaniels County             Vehicles 
Seeley LakeNapaBatteries              
Seeley LakeParts PlusBatteries              
Seeley LakeSeeley Lake Refuse District MetalCardboardPaper       Automotive Fluids   
ShelbyCity of Shelby Recycling MetalCardboardPaper           
ShelbyToole County             Vehicles 
SidneyBorder Steel & RecyclingBatteriesMetal           Vehicles 
SidneyRichland County             Vehicles 
SidneyRichland Opportunities MetalCardboardPaper Plastic #1, 2, 5, 7         
SomersFlathead County Solid Waste District  Cardboard          Vehicles 
StanfordCentral Montana Health District             Vehicles 
StanfordK’s Supermarket MetalCardboardPaper           
SuperiorSuperior Recycling Center MetalCardboardNewspaper & MagazinesGlassPlastic #1 & #2*         
TerryPrairie County             Vehicles 
Thompson FallsSanders County             Vehicles 
Thompson FallsSanders County BatteriesMetalCardboard        Automotive Fluids   
Three ForksGallatin Solid Waste Management District MetalCardboardPaper Plastic #1 & #2*         
TownsendBroadwater County             Vehicles 
TownsendBroadwater County Waste Management  Cardboard  Plastics #1-7  Wood & Lawn Waste      
Trout CreekSanders County BatteriesMetalCardboard        Automotive Fluids   
TroyLincoln County Solid Waste & RecyclingBatteriesMetalCardboardPaper    Wood & Lawn Waste Electronics Tires Appliances
TroyTroy LandfillBatteriesMetal      Wood & Lawn Waste      
Twin BridgesMadison County MetalCardboard  Plastic #1 & #2*  Wood & Lawn Waste      
ValierNorthern Montana Joint Refuse District MetalCardboard     Wood & Lawn Waste      
VictorModern RecyclingBatteriesMetal      Building Materials    VehiclesAppliances
Virginia CityMadison County             Vehicles 
West YellowstoneGallatin Solid Waste Management District MetalCardboardPaper Plastic #1 & #2*         
White Sulphur SpringsCentral Montana Health District             Vehicles 
White Sulphur SpringsMeagher County Solid Waste MetalCardboardPaper Plastic #1 & #2         
WhitefishNorth Valley Refuse & Recycling MetalCardboardPaper Plastic #1 & #2*         
WhitehallJefferson County Solid WasteBatteriesMetalCardboardPaper    Wood & Lawn Waste  Automotive Fluids   
WibauxWibaux County             Vehicles 
WinnettCentral Montana Health District             Vehicles 
Wolf PointRoosevelt County             Vehicles 
Yellowstone National ParkYellowstone National ParkBatteriesMetalCardboardPaperGlassPlastic #1 & #2*    Electronics    

See also, the Montana Department of Environmental Quality’s listing and Earth911.